R I C H A R D   N A N C E

Conductor Composer Music Educator 


Here you will find information about my work as Director of Choral Activities and conductor of the Choir of the West and Choral Union at Pacific Lutheran University.  My compositions and arrangements can be viewed and recordings are available for reference.  Works that I self publish, including Mass for a New Millennium, can be purchased here using PayPal.  For those needing biographical information for programs, I have made both brief and extended bios available, as well as jpeg and tiff photos.  I hope you find the webpage helpful--please contact me if you need further information!


Richard Nance is Director of Choral Activities at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.  He is the sixth conductor of the Choir of the West, established in 1925.  He also conducts the PLU Choral Union.  Nance’s choirs have been selected to perform at several professional music conferences, and have toured Europe.  Richard Nance is nationally recognized as a composer, and is a leader in the American Choral Directors Association.

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